It’s About Time!

How else to respond to the Washington Post headline last week informing us that

Trump administration considers tax cut for the wealthy

After all, hasn’t he finished the job of taking care of all the little people – you know, the farmers and miners and police officers and the ordinary working people who declared him their champion?  The people who said they need less expensive health care?  The people who lost their manufacturing jobs? The people who are angry because illegal immigrants are stealing their minimum wage jobs?  The people who are worried about Sharia law displacing American law?

I’m Steve Mnuchin. I’m Treasury Secretary of the U.S. I’m worth $450 million but I want to lower taxes on people like me so I can be worth even more.

So hasn’t the time finally come for Trump to turn his attention to some rich folks – you know, people who never, ever ask for anything from government?  Like the proposal’s leading proponents, including President Trump (net worth of approximately $3.1 billion); Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin (net worth of approximately $450 million); and National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow (net worth of approximately $25 million)?  Aren’t these deserving souls entitled to some love from their government, too?

Oh, what’s that you say?  The Trump administration hasn’t yet done much for working people?

Real wages actually fell for the first quarter after the tax cut took effect? Really?  Wasn’t the tax cut supposed to change that?

And instead of investing in new equipment and facilities and creating new jobs, big corporations are buying back their stock and passing on their tax savings to their shareholders?  Are you sure? Weren’t we told big companies would reinvest their tax savings in new jobs?

And now the Trump administration is so worried about its ability to get its new handout for the rich through Congress that it’s looking for a way to do this through regulations instead of legislation?  But doesn’t Trump object to governing by executive orders?  In fact, on the campaign trail in 2016 didn’t he say that

We have a president that can’t get anything done so he just keeps signing executive orders all over the place.

And didn’t he also declare that

I want to not use too many executive orders, folks. … Obama, because he couldn’t get anybody to agree with him, he starts signing them like they’re butter. So I want to do away with executive orders for the most part.

So surely this can’t all be true:  surely Trump’s not going to reward the rich – again – before even providing any meaningful help at all to working people and surely he’s going to work with Congress to lower taxes for the rich, and for no one else, and not take the easy, coward’s way out by making major changes in public policy via executive order because he told us he believes that’s just plain wrong, right?

Surely the candidate who in 2016 explained that

You know, it’s supposed to be negotiated.  You’re supposed to cajole, get people in a room, you have Republicans, Democrats, you’re supposed to get together and pass a law. (Obama) doesn’t want to do that because it’s too much work. So he doesn’t want to work too hard. He wants to go back and play golf.

…isn’t going to forego all the hard work needed to secure legislation just so he can play golf, right?

Oh, yeah, golf…

So THAT explains why he’s willing to take the kind of shortcut he once condemned.


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