Notwithstanding All the Juicy Stuff We’ve Been…

…learning about the Trump administration courtesy of Omarosa – she’s now like Cher, no last name needed – it’s hard not to reflect on what an awful, repugnant, execrable excuse for a human being Omarosa actually is. Can you imagine working in an environment where someone is recording your every word so he or she can use it against you in the future?

And make no mistake about it:  that’s exactly what Omarosadid.  This wasn’t about “protecting herself”:  it was about accumulating salacious, sensational information so she could write a tell-all book and get even more famous and get rich at the expense of the very people who gave her a high-paying job she didn’t deserve and that had no real responsibilities and for which she wasn’t even remotely qualified in any way.

The performance bar certainly appears to be getting lower and lower,  doesn’t it?

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