Why Would Anyone Be Surprised?

After publication on Wednesday of the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times about the dysfunctional president and his equally dysfunctional administration, reporters, thinking themselves oh-so-clever, started asking cabinet members and other “senior administration officials” if they wrote that op-ed piece.

And they all said no.

There’s a surprise for you

So let’s review.  Someone decides to write the piece.  Then that person enlists an intermediary to help him or her approach the New York Times about publishing it without attribution.  The Times agrees – reluctantly, you can be sure.

And now, when reporters list the names of all the people who’ve said they didn’t write it, we’re just supposed to accept the word of those people that they didn’t write it and cross them off our “suspects” list?

There’s a good chance that the person who wrote the piece has already been asked and has already denied writing it.  OF COURSE HE OR SHE DENIED IT!  Isn’t that why the person only published it behind the shield of anonymity?  And isn’t that why denials, 99 percent of which, in this particular case, are the absolute truth, tell us absolutely nothing in this particular case?



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