Hot Schools

No, not schools that are selective in their admissions and attracting large numbers of applicants.

HOT schools.  Schools in which the temperature is high.

Last week a heat wave struck Philadelphia just as, for the first time in forever, the city’s public schools began classes in August instead of the Tuesday after Labor Day, as has long been the custom.  During the week The Curmudgeon encountered a Philadelphia public school teacher who informed him that the temperature in her second floor classroom was 92 degrees – hot, to be sure, but not as hot as a classroom on the floor above hers, the top floor, where the thermometer registered 96 degrees.

96 degrees in a classroom with one sweaty teacher and 32 smelly fifth-graders.

In the faculty lounge several teachers found themselves conducting Google searches to learn whether area prisons are air-conditioned and discovered that many of them now are, in fact, artificially cooled on even the hottest August days.

And for a moment the teachers reflected on how society has chosen to treat prisoners, and those who watch over them, better than it does teachers and the children trusted to their care.

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