You Can’t Have it Both Ways

Last week the actor Matthew Perry tweeted for the first time in five months, declaring

Three months in a hospital bed. Check

That’s pretty bad news if you’re a Matthew Perry fan, which The Curmudgeon is, although he thinks it’s pretty bad news even for people of whom you’re not a fan.

Inquiring reporters immediately began querying the people who are responsible for Perry’s publicity, seeking to learn more about what’s wrong with the former Chandler Bing.

Then, as reported by People magazine – apologies for the weak source but this isn’t exactly the kind of issue to which the Wall Street Journal assigns a team of reporters – we learned that

In August, it was first revealed that the actor was on the mend after undergoing surgery. “Matthew Perry recently underwent surgery in a Los Angeles hospital to repair a gastrointestinal perforation,” a rep for the actor said in a statement to PEOPLE.

 “He is grateful for the concern and asks for continued privacy as he heals,” the statement concluded.

Sorry, Matthew Perry and his people:  you can’t have it both ways.  You can’t interrupt your five-month radio silence with such major news and then demand that your privacy be respected.  If you’re all that interested in your privacy you don’t tweet about the hospital stay and if you do, you share more than the very little bit of information you grudgingly offered.

But that’s show biz:  they do everything they can think of to get into and stay in the public eye but when they get into it for something they don’t really want to talk about – even when they raised the subject themselves – they suddenly go all dignified and ask for respect for their privacy.

The Curmudgeon says nuts to that.  As he wrote, he considers himself a Matthew Perry fan but Perry opened this door and he has no inherent right to close it in the manner he has.

Author: foureyedcurmudgeon

The Four-Eyed Curmudgeon is a middle-aged male who is everything right-wing America despises: he is a big-city, ivy league-educated, liberal Jew. He currently resides in a suburb of Philadelphia. He chooses anonymity for the time being because this is his first experience blogging and he wants to get comfortable with it, and see if he likes it, before he exposes himself (figuratively speaking, of course) to the world.

One thought on “You Can’t Have it Both Ways”

  1. I love him. I worried there was more to the story, and given his previous transparency about his demons, wondered why more wasn’t shared about whatever it was. He was terrific on The West Wing. If they ever reboot, I’d love him to be included.

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