The Kavanaugh Confirmation

Let’s recap.

She said it happened and he did it.

He said he doesn’t know what happened but knows he wasn’t involved.

It’s a tough call.  Someone’s lying, whether intentionally or not.

But wait: she said there was a witness – someone else who was there when it happened.

And others have reported similar experiences with him.

Oh well, the Senate Judiciary Committee decided, no need to talk to that witness under oath or investigate the other allegations.  We believe him, she’s a liar, the others don’t matter, and that’s that.

And with that, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve and send his nomination to the full Senate.  Senate Republican leaders, facing a possible mutiny among their own members, decided to slow down the process, but they did so in spite of the Judiciary Committee and not because of it.  The committee wanted to move full steam ahead.

Isn’t it ironic that the Senate Judiciary Committee seems to understand so little – and care even less – about justice?

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  • Peaches Shimmerdeep  On October 1, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    Yes. And as I watch continued coverage today, I wonder why people have such a hard time believing someone could have been aggressive, belligerent, and angry when intoxicated when they have already seen that same person exhibit those behaviors while stone cold sober and in a job interview on which he means to make his best impression. Entitled? Frat boy behavior? Being held accountable, perhaps for the first time? Bet your ass.

    • foureyedcurmudgeon  On October 1, 2018 at 10:54 pm

      I actually don’t mind the outbursts. If, for the sake of discussion, he truly believes he did nothing wrong, then his angry behavior is certainly understandable. The problem is the questionable behavior toward women (and, probably, the lying about other aspects of his youth). They’re not going to find witnesses to corroborate the stories of his accusers, but this isn’t a criminal trial and he doesn’t need to be found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt for reasonable people to conclude that we’d be better off with someone else on the Supreme Court.

  • Peaches Shimmerdeep  On October 2, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    I mind the outbursts. And I mind the partisan rhetoric. And I know that had a woman done 50% of this, she would have been removed from consideration by now. His hurt and outrage if feeling falsely accused could have been expressed far better and far more effectively. But there were so many smaller untruths and obfuscations including his unwillingness to ask for further investigation that I felt sure he was a substandard candidate for the highest court in the land. It’s always the cover up that sinks you.

    • foureyedcurmudgeon  On October 2, 2018 at 6:11 pm

      Nancy Pelosi observed that if a woman behaved like Kavanaugh she would have been labeled “hysterical” and dismissed – yet another reason to love Nancy Pelosi.

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