A Problem – and a Simple Solution

Pennsylvania will be electing a governor this fall and the question is whether the candidates will debate, and if so, how often.

The Republican challenger is Scott Wagner, a self-made millionaire who is brash and outspoken and likes to boast that he “was Trump before Trump was Trump.” Trailing in the polls, he has proposed that the candidates hold 67 debates:  one for each county in the state.

The Democratic candidate is Tom Wolf, the incumbent.  Another self-made millionaire, Wolf is sort of on the quiet, reserved side.  As far as he’s concerned, one debate will do just fine, thank you.

And right now, one debate is all that’s been scheduled – and it was held last night, hosted by – hold onto your hat – Alex Trebek.  (“What is ‘What the hell are YOU doing here, Alex?'”)

One of the subjects of disagreement between them is that while self-made millionaire Wolf has released all of his income tax returns, Wagner, being Trump before Trump was Trump, has declared that he will not release his tax returns.

So how many debates and what about those income tax returns?

The Curmudgeon has a solution:  a compromise.

Wagner wants more debates – he needs them because he’s down pretty seriously in the polls – and Wolf wants Wagner to release his tax returns, so for every set of tax returns Wagner releases from the past five years, Wolf agrees to another debate, for the net possibility of six debates:  the one Wolf has already agreed to and five more to reward Wagner for releasing his tax returns.  Both candidates give in a little and both get what they want in return.

Problem solved.


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