If This Isn’t Collusion, What Is?

No, not THAT collusion; that’s a subject for another time.

No, this one involves the airlines and their baggage fees.

The five biggest airlines in the U.S. today are Southwest, Jet Blue, Delta, American, and United.

Right before Labor Day, Jet Blue and United raised their baggage fees.

Last week, Delta and American raised their baggage fees.

And Southwest, bless its heart, doesn’t charge baggage fees.

So we have five major airlines, one of which doesn’t charge baggage fees and four others that do, and the four that do ALL raised their baggage fees within weeks of one another.

“Oh, if we absolutely MUST.”

If The Curmudgeon has said it once he’s said it oh, five times – hereherehere, here, and oh yes, here, too:the airlines HATE their customers.  They hate YOU.

But if this isn’t collusion, or at least conspiracy, what is?


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