It’s All About Him (part 1)

In case you haven’t noticed, The Curmudgeon frequently points out instances in which President Trump’s public performance reflects a greater interest in his own, personal interests than the interests of the country he’s supposed to be leading.

Recently The Curmudgeon came across an excellent example of this in a (May!) issue of The New Yorker:

John Feeley, the Ambassador to Panama and a former Marine helicopter pilot, is not averse to strong language, but he was nevertheless startled by his first encounter with President Donald Trump. Summoned to deliver a briefing in June, 2017, he was outside the Oval Office when he overheard Trump concluding a heated conversation, “Fuck him! Tell him to sue the government.” Feeley was escorted in, and saw that Mike Pence, John Kelly, and several other officials were in the room. As he took a seat, Trump asked, “So tell me—what do we get from Panama? What’s in it for us?” Feeley presented a litany of benefits: help with counter-narcotics work and migration control, commercial efforts linked to the Panama Canal, a close relationship with the current President, Juan Carlos Varela. When he finished, Trump chuckled and said, “Who knew?” He then turned the conversation to the Trump International Hotel and Tower, in Panama City. “How about the hotel?” he said. “We still have the tallest building on the skyline down there?”

So there you have it:  the president meets with one of his ambassadors for the very first time, has a brief discussion about American interests in a country that, to be fair, isn’t terribly important to the U.S., and then steers the conversation to a subject far more important to him:  Trump’s own business interests in that country.

Yet again, it’s all about him.

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