Some Very Strange Election Winners

Tuesday’s elections produced a few very strange winners.

Like incumbent congressman Chris Collins, who was indicted in August on charges of insider trading.  He did his insider trading, moreover, on his cell phone while participating in the White House Congressional Picnic.

While standing on the White House lawn.

Despite this, he garnered 49.5 percent of the vote and will return to the House in January.

Next there’s California congressman Duncan Hunter, who will stand trial for using campaign funds for personal reasons– everything from family trips abroad to flying his pet rabbit to Washington. Hunter will be using those same campaign funds to pay for his defense.  The Curmudgeon guesses that’s what they mean by “In for a dime, in for a dollar.”  This apparently does not much bother Hunter’s constituents, who returned him to office with 54.2 percent of the vote.

But The Curmudgeon’s favorite election day winner has to be Dennis Hof, who won election to the Nevada state assembly.

There are two things interesting about Hof’s election.

After all those guys who act like pimps getting elected to office, why not the real thing – like me?

First, there’s Hof’s business:  he owns a brothel in Nevada.

In other words, Hof is a pimp.

Second, that last sentence is technically incorrect:  instead of “Hof IS a pimp” the sentence should read “Hof WAS a pimp” because he was found dead – by a porn actor – nearly a month ago.

But being a pimp and being, you know, dead and all apparently didn’t matter to the people who still wanted to send Hof to the state legislature.



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