A Good Line

In a review of the reconstituted Roseanne minus Roseanne – from here on out for what probably will not be very long to be known as The ConnersNew York Times writer James Poniewozik explained that

Not-much-of-a-spoiler alert: Roseanne is dead. This was the only responsible, not to symbolically punish the character but to make it final and avoid an ugly, protracted and inevitably politicized comeback campaign.

 It also instantly gave “The Conners” a premise, a reason to exist beyond nostalgia. “Family moves on after a death” is a trusty sitcom premise (that’s the way they all became the Brady Bunch). But to have the loss be someone the audience has known as long and as well as family is a challenge, and an opportunity.

That “Brady Bunch” line, at least to The Curmudgeon, is a real winner.

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