“And Then There’s Maude”

The alarm clock sounded much too early yesterday morning – several beastly notes from an otherwise good John Legend song – because the most uncurmudgeonly Mrs. Curmudgeon was off to court out of town to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

As The Curmudgeon lay in bed he watched his wife dress, not seeing much because he is ridiculously near-sighted and still had not put on his glasses, so all he could see were shapes and colors.  Mrs. Curmudgeon seldom wears conventional business suits to court; instead, she typically wears well-matched skirts and tops with a jacket and scarf and often, that jacket is actually a light sweater jacket.  This day’s sweater jacket was on the long side, and as The Curmudgeon so often does when he sees a woman in a long sweater or vest, he breaks out into a quick chorus of…

“And then there’s Maude…”

Homage, if you will, to the long jackets, vests, and sweaters that Bea Arthur wore so often on her 1970s sitcom.  That, in turn, called to mind the Family Guy’s hilarious – at least to The Curmudgeon – parody of the Maude theme song.  The Curmudgeon mentioned it, Mrs. Curmudgeon said she had never heard it, so at 6:45 in the ayem he groped for his phone, found the video, and played it, giving the couple a good laugh at that ungodly hour and Mrs. Curmudgeon was then off, fortified by some early humor to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

You can enjoy the Family Guy version of the Maude theme song here.




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