It Serves Them Right

As you might expect of a big-city liberal, The Curmudgeon isn’t much of a fan of hunting – other than people hunting for food when they can’t afford to buy food.  He doesn’t see the sport:  if you win, you get the dead animal, and if the animal wins, it gets – to keep on living?  Doesn’t seem very sporting, does it?

So that’s why The Curmudgeon’s face blossomed into a big goofy grin a while back when he ran across a U.S. News & World Report headline that declared

Lions Eat Rhino Poachers on South African Game Reserve

The article explained that

You go, guys!

At least two rhino poachers were eaten by lions on a South African game reserve, the owner of the lodge said on Thursday.

 A ranger taking guests at the Sibuya Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape on a safari drive on Tuesday afternoon discovered human remains close to a pride of lions.

 “We suspect two were killed, possibly three,” Sibuya owner Nick Fox said.

 And all The Curmudgeon can think is:

Good for the lions! 





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