The Presidential Brain

We all know that no one has a higher opinion of Donald Trump than Donald Trump himself.

How high?

Consider this, from Newsweek, about a new book about Trump that The Curmudgeon won’t cite by name because he thinks one of the new book’s writers is a total slimewad:

“The amazing thing is that you have certain people who are conservative Republicans that if my name weren’t Trump, if it were John Smith, they would say I’m the greatest president in history and I blow Ronald Reagan away,” Trump said in an interview for the book, according to the Examiner. “All these guys that if they looked at my agenda with a different name…and he got the biggest regulation cuts in history in less than two years, judges, environmental stuff, getting out of the Paris horror show. If you said that conservative president John Smith did that, they would say he’s the greatest president. Far greater than Ronald Reagan.”

Not that The Curmudgeon has a high opinion of Ronald Reagan – quite the contrary, as you might imagine – but this is amazing.





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