Way to be Classy, Buffalo

There are some silly traditions when it comes to throwing things onto the field of play at sporting events.  At the Palestra, home basketball court of the University of Pennsylvania, students throw rolls of toilet paper onto the court after the home team’s first basket of the night.

Yes, it’s silly.

In hockey, when a player scores three goals in one game he is said to have scored a “hat trick,” so obliging fans stream their hats onto the ice in celebration.

Yes, it’s silly.

In Detroit, fans throw octopuses – octopi? – onto the ice as part of the celebration of success during the Stanley Cup play-offs.  We will not get into the question of where the fans get their octopi or how they manage to sneak them into the arena past security guards who have been directed to detect and detain the slimy mollusks.

Yes, it’s silly.

And the latest entry to the silliness of throwing things onto the field of play comes from Buffalo, where professional football fans in recent years have started throwing quite a different type of object onto the field.


Surely you weren’t expecting…

That is not a misprint.

In 2016, a Buffalo Bills fan apparently wrote New England Patriots player Tom Brady’s name on a leftover Halloween prop and tossed it onto the field, allegedly as a symbol of how his team is constantly being screwed by the famous quarterback.

And a tradition was born.

Since then, dildos have been thrown onto the field of play in Buffalo on a number of occasions during contests with the Patriots.

Way to launch a new tradition, Buffalonians (Buffaloites?). Way to keep it classy.

Way to be totally, totally weird.

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