A Recurring Fear

The Curmudgeon has this recurring fear that he’s in the supermarket and runs into his family doctor, who proceeds to go through his shopping cart and point out all the things he shouldn’t be eating.

It’s not as far-fetched as it might seem.  She lives in the next town down from The Curmudgeon and the supermarket in which The Curmudgeon shops is in her town, not his.  Also, he ran into her once at a restaurant and she walked behind him and pointed to the section of the menu – the healthy stuff – from which she said he should be ordering.

But the worst part of the dream is that as she’s pointing out the things The Curmudgeon shouldn’t be buying, he’s trying to explain to her that virtually none of those offending items in the cart are for him, that almost all of them are for his wife and his stepson – which, by the way, is absolutely true – but…

She refuses to believe him!

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