Not a Good Sign

You know, of course, that for every doctor who boasts of finishing in the top ten percent in his or her class there was another who was in the bottom ten percent of his or her class.  Just because someone’s in the bottom ten percent, though, doesn’t mean that person isn’t a good doctor.  The people in the bottom ten percent presumably went to the same classes and at least passed all the exams, including the big one that enabled them to become practicing doctors.

But about that “went to the same classes” assumption…

The American Association of Medical Colleges reports that nearly 25 percent of second-year medical students report “almost never” attending classes.  At Johns Hopkins, one of the best medical schools in the country, attendance at pre-clinical classes runs from 30 to 40 percent.

Holy McDreamy, what’s going on here?

If your doctor looks like he’s not sure which part to stick in his ear…

These nitwits, getting a head start in thinking they’re special, somehow are deciding that they’re not going to be tested on the stuff they learn in class and are instead turning to outside sources – guidebooks, online programs, even YouTube videos – to learn what they think they’ll need to know to pass their exams and become doctors.

And never mind that the stuff they’re missing in class might actually come in handy one day when treating actual patients.

So the next time your doctor gives you an “I’m not quite sure what’s causing that cough” look, maybe you should ask that doctor if he or she attended classes or chose instead to learn medicine from the same folks who give us cute cat videos and clips from 1960s sitcoms.


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