The Return of the Swamp Thing

Or, as you probably know her, Ann Coulter.

Coulter’s kept a pretty low profile the past two years – involuntarily, you can be sure, for such an eager publicity hound.  The woman who made a name for herself by saying outrageous things simply for the sake of saying outrageous things has found herself pushed aside in the outrageous things-saying department by the man we now know as “Individual 1.”

But Coulter’s got that real can-do American spirit, and having failed to recapture her title as the far right’s greatest flame-thrower, she tried, tried again this week.  Appearing on Fox News with that other blonde bastion of right-wing incivility, Laura Ingraham, Coulter offered her perspective on today’s Democrats:

They all hate one another. I mean, you have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the Black church ladies with the college queers.

The Curmudgeon will give her this:  she didn’t leave anyone out, did she?

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  • Peaches Shimmerdeep  On December 15, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    SO awful.

    • foureyedcurmudgeon  On December 16, 2018 at 4:16 pm

      So awful, in fact, that when I first encountered it I didn’t believe it. I was so sure this was someone’s interpretation of what Coulter said, rather than what she actually said, that I went searching for other sources to confirm it and I STILL wasn’t sure I was happy with the confirmations and would write about it until I saw the actual video clip. What she said is both astonishing in and of itself and astonishing because it has gotten so little attention. Has Individual 1 so thoroughly debased public dialogue that such comments no longer produce outrage? Have we become so completely numb to such comments that we allow them to pass virtually unacknowledged?

  • Peaches Shimmerdeep  On December 19, 2018 at 11:01 pm

    I fear we both know the answers to your closing questions. Was that part of the well orchestrated plan? If so, it is only within the context of the business of show and making money.

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