Once Again, Crime DOES Pay

Well, maybe not quite crime, but breaking the rules and, depending on details not available to us, maybe the law as well.

Nate Schmidt is a professional hockey player.  He plays for the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League.

Yes, Las Vegas has a major league hockey team.

Schmidt is considered an excellent player, and it was a real blow to him, and to his team, when he was suspended recently for 20 games for violating the National Hockey League’s policy on the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

So, what is Schmidt doing to pass the time while he’s suspended?  Staying in shape?  Reading some books?  Or maybe just hiding out in shame over being exposed as a cheater?

Well, The Curmudgeon doesn’t know for sure, but he does know one thing Schmidt’s been doing:  he’s been celebrating the six-year, $35.7 million contract he just signed.

Signed DURING his suspension.

A suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs that may have helped produce the enhancements in his performance that earned him this very lucrative (for hockey) contract.

Proof yet again that for some people, crime clearly DOES pay.

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