You Know a Country’s Economy’s is Struggling…

…when its problems reach down into the sex trades.

There are few places struggling more economically these days than Greece, and those economic struggles are really hitting the ladies of the evening hard, the New York Times reports.

Supply (of prostitutes) is up, prices are down, and the usual johns just can’t afford as much, or as often, as they once could.

Prostitution is legal in Greece, but in some places legal brothels find themselves competing with, um, freelancers, and that’s what’s driving down prices. The Times spoke to one, er, entrepreneur about the problem:

“In 2012, it would require an average of 39 euros” for a client to hire a prostitute in a brothel, Mr. Lazos said, “while in 2017 just €17 — a 56 percent decrease.”

Customers are well aware that it’s a buyer’s market in Greece and they’re not above taking advantage of this:

Anastasia says they promise, “I’ll come when I get paid,” or they ask for bargains. Men often ask for unprotected sex, she said, and many prostitutes who are drug addicts take on such clients for less than 10 euros.

Customers are also being…more selective.

“Seven or eight years ago, 20 to 30 men would go to the bedroom with the girl,” said Vaso, 65, who has been a madam for the past 20 years. Today, she said, it is more like five or six.

“Now they come, take a look,” she said, “and say, ‘I’ll be back.’ ”

Damn: a girl with a dream can’t even make a living anymore in Greece.



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