Surely We All Knew This

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently informed its readers that

Groceries price comparison finds that Whole Foods, Acme are the most expensive in Philly area

Surely we didn’t need someone to do any research to tell us this.

There’s a reason Whole Foods is nicknamed “Whole Paycheck,” and it remains that way today. You have to question the intelligence of the “Consumers’ Checkbook” organization when its executive director told an Inquirer reporter that

When Amazon purchased Whole Foods last year, many consumers were excited by the prospect of paying Amazon-like prices for Whole Foods-quality products.

Surely he jests:  either the consumers who conveyed that excitement to him were foolishly naive or the guy just made it up to get his name in the paper.  Did ANYONE seriously think Whole Foods’ prices were suddenly going to become “Amazon-like”?

Didn’t think so.

The other major finding – that Acme is a very expensive supermarket – is equally unsurprising.  The Curmudgeon lives within walking distance of an Acme and wouldn’t dream of doing his primary grocery shopping there.  It’s a nasty little store, but even when Acme has great big clean, nice stores, it’s hard to take them seriously because they’re so grotesquely overpriced.  Because it’s so convenient The Curmudgeon will occasionally walk over to pick up one or two things he forgot on his weekly supermarket shopping trip elsewhere or that he suddenly decides he needs for a spur-of-the-moment dinner idea, but he’s continually amazed at how virtually everything he buys at Acme, whether it’s a cucumber or a quart of milk or a loaf of bread or a couple of apples, almost routinely costs 50 cents to a dollar more than it does elsewhere. Every time he goes into an Acme he asks himself how it can be that those people are still in business.

Just like the folks at 7-Eleven, when you think about it.

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