What Happens When You’re Gone

No, this is not an existential musing on life and death. The Curmudgeon is a serious guy but not THAT serious.

But have you ever wondered what happens to your Facebook page when, well, when you shuffle off this mortal coil?

Unless someone acts on your behalf, it could stay there forever.

In fact, 428 Facebook users die every hour.

More than 10,000 die every day.

More than 300,000 die every month.

And during Facebook’s first eight years, 30 million of them passed away.

This means that with more than one billion users and an inevitable slowdown in the sign-up rate, the number of Facebook users who are dead will exceed those who are alive around…


At least with Facebook, someone who knows you and cares enough to do the work – a lot of work – can notify them and they’ll take down your page or at least turn it into a memorial.

Twitter will deactivate your account if you’re inactive for more than six months.

Pinterest?  You are, alas, out of luck:  your account there will live forever.




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