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Hey Publishers: You Can’t Have it Both Ways

For years, publishers have been complaining about how Amazon.com discounts their books.

“You’re devaluing our products.  You’re selling them like widgets, and books are different, books are special,” they would cry.

Well, now that Amazon has successfully killed off Borders and has Barnes & Noble on the ropes, it’s pulling back some of that discounting.

And publishers, needless to say, are not happy about it.

“You’re not discounting our books as much as you used to and they’re more expensive and consumers aren’t going to buy them,” they now complain.

Mind you, it’s not like Amazon is taking a book with a publisher’s list price of $24.95 and trying to sell it for $27.95.  No, it’s taking a book with a publisher’s list price of $24.95 and, instead of selling it for $17.95, like it once did, it’s selling it for $21.95 or even, heaven forbid, what the publisher actually suggested:  $24.95.

Greed comes in all forms.  So does stupidity.  For proof, The Curmudgeon gives you:  the publishing industry.