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Amazon Math

For someone who is fairly curmudgeonly – although probably not as curmudgeonly as he probably sometimes seems – The Curmudgeon is surprisingly and uncharacteristically enthusiastic about doing business with Amazon.  He likes its selection, he likes its prices, he likes how it deals with customers who are unhappy with their purchase.  His only beef, and it’s a minor one, is that he thinks Amazon has turned fast delivery into a fetish, creating an artificial urgency – The Curmudgeon has this thing about artificial urgency in many aspects of life and work – about speedy delivery that is in many cases totally unnecessary.

The other day The Curmudgeon visited the Amazon web site to purchase a brand of fiber powder he recently began using after he had finally used the last of the two cases of another, better product he had purchased, about four years ago, when he learned it was being discontinued; as he has written in the past, he does this kind of thing now and then.  The Curmudgeon started by consulting his past orders to see how much it cost the last time around and found that he had spent $10.34 for an eight-ounce container.  Next, he searched for the same product and found it for less.

$8.16, which is a better price than $10.34.

But there was more, because Amazon was offering a deal:  two containers for $18.34.

Smarter than this kid!

Wait a second.

Two for $18.34?  That would be – The Curmudgeon is proud, he didn’t even need his fingers for this one  – $9.17 a container.

Which, even though he attended public school in Philadelphia, The Curmudgeon immediately recognized is more than $8.16.

So Amazon swung and missed on this one.

The Curmudgeon will hope – really hope – that it was an innocent error on Amazon’s part and not an attempt to mislead customers into thinking they had been offered a bargain.

He ordered two of the $8.16 containers instead of the special two-fer deal, spent $16.32, and saved himself a neat $2.02.

And reminded himself to pay more attention when ordering from Amazon in the future.