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The Vaccine Nuts Strike Again

Everyone with half a brain knows that vaccines are a good idea.

No, a great idea.

Alas, there are a lot more people out there than you might think who have less than half a brain.

And a bunch of them apparently live in Arizona.

Vaccines – good. No vaccines – bad. Any questions?

So when the state launched a campaign that never should have been needed to educate people about the importance of getting their kids vaccinated, the half-brains came crawling out of the woodwork to protest.

Arizona grants parents exemptions from having their children vaccinated, so the education program the state launched was an attempt to teach the skeptical about the value of vaccines.  The education program was strictly optional; no one was required to take it – not even those seeking the exemptions.

But information apparently scares a lot of people, so when 120 people (out of the seven million who live in the state) protested the program, what did public officials do?  They folded like a cheap tent.  The program was over – disbanded, kaput.  Bureaucrats, elected officials, and public health officials all abdicated their responsibility because of a few wackadoodles and made a bad decision that will do nothing more than perpetuate ignorance.  And maybe contribute to the spread of diseases that we mostly eradicated a long time ago.  They should be ashamed of themselves.





Vaccinations Revisited

The Curmudgeon has written about vaccinations before: written about the bizarre circumstances under which nudie model Jenny McCarthy has come to be viewed by some as the foremost authority on the safety of vaccinations and how not one but two Republican presidential candidates, Rand Paul and Ben Carson, are doctors yet refuse, for political reasons, to reject this whole anti-vaccine nonsense when they are directly asked about it.

vaccineSo maybe it’s only fitting that it takes a comedian to put all of this in perspective for us – and no, for once, it’s not Jon Stewart. That comedian is Jimmy Kimmel, and last year he interjected some common sense into the whole vaccination debate – as if there should even BE a vaccination debate – and then brought in some experts to tell us how it really is.

See Kimmel’s bit here; it’s worth watching from beginning to end.