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Mini-Rumination: Bethenny Frankel and When Good Things Happen for Bad People

Let’s take a quick inventory of Bethenny Frankel’s qualities.

She’s not nice.

She’s not bright.

She’s not articulate.

She’s not warm.

She’s not empathetic.

She’s not engaging.

She’s not interesting.

She doesn’t listen when people talk to her.

She’s mean.

And she now has her own television talk show.

Go figure.

Mini Rumination: Bethenny Never After

The Curmudgeon has discovered that one of the best ways to get his creaky, aging body through the day is to begin that day with some stretching, so before work every morning he spends about fifteen minutes on his living room floor, mildly stretching what pass for muscles.

Stretching is pretty boring, so he turns on the television.  The pickings are pretty slim at that time of day, especially since The Curmudgeon has no use for the morning talking heads of Today, Good Morning America, or whatever CBS is calling its morning program that no one watches.  Sometimes there’s Saved by the Bell (plot hint:  Zack has a scheme) or Law and Order, but for fifteen minutes, usually something on E Entertainment or Bravo will do; The Curmudgeon is particularly fond of watching Tabatha try to teach basic business practices to the kind of people you know not only didn’t take school seriously but also made fun of those of us who did.

One day last week, though, it was Bethenny Ever After, the centerpiece of which is Bethenny Frankel, a graduate of The Real Housewives of New York.  The Curmudgeon is not a regular viewer of these silly programs – he views most of what he sees from the prone position, while stretching – but he is familiar with Ms. Frankel and let us just say that in his opinion, her behavior too often falls short of even qualifying as “human.”

In this particular episode, Bethenny and her husband Jason – a seemingly nice guy who deserves much, much better – are apparently on their shrink’s boat for a combination pleasure trip/extended marriage counseling session.  As a boat’s captain, the shrink seems to be a little out of his element.  Bethenny’s husband is seasick and alternately heaving over the side of the boat and trying to ride out his nausea in bed.

Discussing the challenges she’s facing in her marriage, Bethenny tells Gilligan, er, her shrink – and The Curmudgeon is paraphrasing here – “I feel like when I’m with Jason, I’m trying to be something I’m not.”

Anyone who has seen more than few minutes of The Real Housewives of New York or any of Bethenny’s own series immediately knows the answer to this problem.  What’s Bethenny trying to be in her relationship that’s she’s not in real life?

Isn’t it obvious?

She’s trying to be nice.