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The Latest in the “Truly Bad Taste” Department

That would be the E Network’s Botched, a series that follows two plastic surgeons who’ve now sold their souls to the devil twice – first by becoming plastic surgeons and second by becoming TV plastic surgeons – as they set off on a mission to repair all the botched (hence the series’ title) plastic surgery being performed all around them.  (Actually, there’s a third way, too:  both of these surgeons are spouses of self-absorbed alumni of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise, apparently desperate to claim a similar level of fame to their wives despite having outstanding careers of their own.  Oh, the lust for fame…)

So whom do these doctors help?  Children born with cleft palates?  Burn victims?

Noooooooooo.  That would not make for good television.

Try the woman whose botched breast augmentation left her with a “uniboob.”

Or the woman whose nose has essentially disappeared – caved in, really – after six surgeries.

And the young man who designs his own surgical procedures – calf implants, pec implants, bicep implants, butt enhancers, and so many surgeries on his face that Mattel would find a doll that looked like him too freakish to court Barbie ­– and, like a surviving 1957 Edsel (or, come to think of it, a woman The Curmudgeon dated a few years back), has no remaining original equipment even though he’s still in his early thirties.

And a surprising number of women whose facelifts have left them looking, well, rather… feline.

Because don’t all women want to look like Tony the Tiger?

Botched is truly an exercise in really, really bad taste.  As if it’s not bad enough that there are people who want these procedures and doctors who throw away all that good medical training – including, it should be noted, a significant investment of taxpayer money – to perform them (money is a powerful incentive), the people at E, who demonstrate on almost a daily basis that there is no threshold so low that they can’t find a way to crawl under it, have once again set a new standard and exceeded it.

Or whatever the opposite of “exceed” is.