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Mini-Rumination: Poison on a Plate

Burger King has a new, limited-time only sandwich:  the BK Chef’s Choice Burgers.  The sandwich consists of a 5.5 ounce hamburger, two slices of melted cheddar cheese, three slices of bacon, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayo, and barbecue sauce on a bun.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, it also offers:

  • 820 calories (not a misprint)
  • 56 grams of fat (not a misprint)
  • 135 mg cholesterol (not a misprint)
  • 1800 mg sodium (not a misprint)

Now The Curmudgeon is not one of those people who believes that eating healthy means you can never indulge.  Once every year or two he’ll have a pastrami sandwich; once every few months, some KFC (extra crispy, please); and he regularly allows himself the luxury of ice cream.

But never, ever in his wildest imagination would he consider eating this kind of sandwich.  It’s a hamburger, for pete’s sake, from a fast-food restaurant.

But that’s not all it is:  it’s also poison on a plate.  The numbers – the calories, the fat, the cholesterol, the sodium – are absolutely mind-boggling.  They’re also borderline criminal.

No thanks.