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New to the “C Suite”

The leaders of corporate America are nothing if not self-aggrandizing.  Once upon a time, the people atop big corporations were presidents and vice presidents, with vice presidents carrying a qualifying “senior,” “executive,” or “assistant” before their title.

But at some point, presidents didn’t seem to think that was good enough, so in addition to being presidents, they made themselves chief executive officers.

And chief executive officers begat chief operating officers, which begat chief financial officers, which begat chief information officers, and which even, in some places, begat chief human resources officers and chief marketing officers.

The Curmudgeon hasn’t seen so much begatting since the Old Testament.

The Curmudgeon isn’t sure if this next one is new or if it’s been around for a while and he just never noticed it, but three times now in the past month he’s read about a new resident of the so-called C-suite.

Chief Experience Officer.

Seriously, Chief Experience Officer.