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Politicizing… Politics?

Last week, a child passed out in a Philadelphia public school classroom, was rushed to the hospital, and died a little while later.

It turns out that the school in which this took place doesn’t have a full-time school nurse.  Instead, it has a nurse one day a week, plus every other week it gets a nurse for one additional day.  There was no nurse in the school when the child passed out.

So when the head of the Philadelphia teachers’ union pointed out that a child died in a school with no nurse,  Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett castigated the labor leader for politicizing a child’s death.

Considering that the school didn’t have a nurse because of a state cut in funding for public education that was a political decision, could there possibly be a better, more appropriate time to discuss the consequences of that political decision?  Or does the governor think it’s inappropriate to talk about his political decisions when they have real-life consequences?