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If the Republican “Base” is So Damned Conservative…

…then how come the party is on the verge of choosing the least conservative of the candidates for its presidential nomination?

Why has Donald Trump, who’s practically a Democrat – a demented Democrat, yes, but still mostly a Democrat – gotten 3.5 million more votes than conservative standard-bearer Ted Cruz in the primaries so far? And seven million more than Marco Rubio?

And why did Republican voters choose Mitt Romney, a not-very-conservative candidate, as their nominee in 2012?

And John McCain, another not-very conservative candidate, in 2008?

In fact, isn’t it possible that while the leading conservative voices try to prevent what they refer to as the hijacking of their party by imposing philosophical and issue litmus tests on candidates, the reality is that a minority of very conservative Republican politicians, with significant financial backing from a very limited pool of donors who want to buy the government so it will do their bidding, are the ones who are actually trying to hijack the party and turn it into something it’s not and that the mass of Republican voters aren’t really all that conservative at all?