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Nitwit Politicians (Part 7 of 8)

“Hey, small world! I’m from Wasila, too!”

Meet David Eastman.  Eastman is member of the Alaska state House from the city of Wasila.

Earlier this month, in an interview with the Associated Press about the use of state and Medicaid funds for abortions, Eastman said that

We have folks who try to get pregnant in this state so they can get a free trip to the city, and we have folks who want to carry their baby past the point of being able to have an abortion in this state so that they can have a free trip to Seattle.

With this statement Eastman managed to offend not one but two major constituencies:  women and members of Native Alaska tribes who generally live in isolated rural areas and who, when they are on Medicaid and need certain health care services, must travel to larger cities for that care.

Eastman said that if he could go back and not make those remarks he would, but many of his colleagues felt that he never actually apologized for what he said.  Dissatisfied, the state House voted to censure Eastman by a hardly overwhelming vote of 25-14, with some members expressing concern about setting a precedent for formally rebuking officials for their words.  (For what it’s worth, The Curmudgeon agrees with them on this point:  we need to stop automatically going overboard on people who say or do things we don’t like; there are other, better ways to address such problems – such as, in situations like this one, not supporting the guy’s attempt to get re-elected.)

For now, though, let us leave it at this:

David Eastman is a nitwit.