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Is This What They Mean by “Irony”?

To assist with a discussion yesterday morning about Hollywood liberals trying to inject their two cents’ worth into the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings, the ghastly trio that hosts Fox & Friends called on the services of a guest commentator.

Dean Cain.

Dean Cain, the Hollywood actor.

Dean Cain, the Hollywood actor you probably know best as the television version of Superman (1993-1997).

Cain proceeded to inject his own two cents’ worth into the conversation, including the (priceless) observation that if President Trump had nominated Merrick Garland the reaction of Senate Democrats would have been no different than what it has been for Kavanaugh.

Which, if nothing else, should disqualify Cain from ever participating again in a serious conversation about public affairs.

And when that discussion ended, Cain plugged his new movie.

Having fulfilled his role by complaining about Hollywood types getting involved in public affairs.

Cain should probably stick to work that involves dressing in tights and wearing make-up.