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Facebook Wants Your Phone Number

The Curmudgeon isn’t a Facebook user in the usual sense. (Does his not doing something in the “usual” way surprise you at all?) He posts nothing himself and rejects about as many “friend” requests as he accepts, so mostly, what he does is view what others post and play an occasional game of “Whatever happened to…?” He may log onto the site two or three times a week.

When he does, he’s occasionally greeted by a message from Facebook asking for his phone number “to help secure your account.”

facebookIs there any reason to believe that? Is there any reason to trust the Facebook folks that they’re not collecting phone numbers for some commercial use, that they’re not, as folks are increasingly coming to put it, seeking to “monetize” the data users provide them?

Or are they really saying that they’re so utterly incapable of ensuring the security of their site that they can’t function without our phone numbers? And if that’s true, why on earth should anyone feel safe using Facebook?