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And They Call It…Puppy Love?

Twice within the last ten days, two members of Philadelphia’s city council have spoken out about a vital constituent group.


Yes, dogs.

In the first case, a member who has served on the council for twenty-two years and has virtually nothing to show for his time on the public payroll – nothing, that is, aside from frequent parenthetical references in newspapers to his being a protégé of a politician who just got out of jail after serving time for public corruption  – spoke out about how the salt compound the city uses to help melt snow damages the paws of dogs.  He’s unhappy, and he wants something done about it.  (The councilman also has earned dishonorable mention on this site in the past as well.  Find it here.)

dogA few days later, a relative newcomer to the Philadelphia council stepped up to his bully pulpit to express concern about dog owners who leave their pets outdoors on very cold winter nights.  He, too, is unhappy and wants something done about it.

While not minimizing the importance of these matters in any way – well, actually, yes, he is minimizing the importance of these matters – The Curmudgeon finds it odd, and disappointing, that in a city where somewhere around a quarter of the population is probably ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-fed, and probably just plain ill, two courageous members of the city council have stepped forward to speak up not for those constituents, not for the ill-housed, the ill-clad, the ill-fed, and the just plain ill, but for their pets.

Leaves you wondering who the real dogs are.