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Some Things Never Change

More than six years ago – six years! – The Curmudgeon took to these pages to kvetch at his readers about the ridiculous cash register receipts produced by the major drug store chains.  He put tape measures to a few receipts and found that the longest, from CVS, measured in at nearly two feet long.

He’d like to report that things have improved since then – but then, he’d also like to wake up and learn that this whole Donald-Trump-as-president thing was just a bad dream.

But things haven’t changed, The Donald is still president, and it looks as if CVS took the revelation of a two-foot long receipt to prove it could do better.

“Better” as in even longer.  While The Curmudgeon failed to measure this receipt – yes, he knows, he’s ashamed – it’s pretty clear that since, as the photo to the right illustrates, it comes up to the middle of his chest and he’s 5’9”, this latest receipt is at least three feet tall and probably closer to four.

Those folks at CVS are real achievers, they are – and still real enemies of the environment.