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Nitwit Politicians (Part 4 of 8)

Meet Duncan Hunter.  Hunter is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, where he represents California’s fiftieth congressional district.

Hunter apparently likes spending other people’s money – money that’s not supposed to be spent in the ways he’s been spending it.

We’re talking about the money he raises for his political campaigns, which is supposed to be spent on political campaigns.

But Hunter spent $353 of campaign fund money at a smoking lounge.

$1042 at a hotel in Las Vegas.

And $896 at one of that hotel’s bars.

He’s also spent campaign money on video games, oral surgery, private school tuition, a garage door, and a family trip to Italy.

And gasoline, groceries, fast food, and department store purchases.

Not to mention $9000 in campaign consulting fees – to his wife.

So far he’s been forced to reimburse his campaign treasury $60,000 for inappropriate spending since the Federal Election Commission got a whiff of what he was doing.  The House Ethics Committee had been investigating Hunter but it threw up its hands in a combination of disgust and confusion and decided to let federal prosecutors take it from there.

Spending campaign contributions for his own pleasure is bad enough, but Hunter apparently continued doing it even after he was caught, warned, and compelled to repay the money.

Duncan Hunter is a nitwit.