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Mini-Rumination: Another Dunce Cap for Bobby Jindal

At the very beginning of the Obama administration, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, considered a rising star on the national political scene, gave the Republican response to the president’s state-of-the-union speech.  To say it did not go well is an understatement.  It was a disaster, and Jindal found himself the object of nation-wide derision.  See for yourself here.

Jindal was in the news again last month when he complained about Congress’s attempt to require Americans to purchase health insurance and wondered – aloud, no less – whether Congress would next require people to eat tofu.  The Curmudgeon wrote about that here.

Now Jindal is back in the news with his decision to eliminate all of his state government’s financial support for public libraries:  nearly $1 million a year.

It’s not like libraries are a luxury in a state with exceedingly low educational achievement:  according to the American Legislative Exchange Council, Louisiana ranks forty-ninth (out of fifty-one, including the District of Columbia) in educational achievement for the K-12 years. (See those rankings here.)  The money – less than $1 million for the entire state – isn’t a lot, but its elimination speaks volumes about both the governor’s values and his aspirations for the people of his state.

Way to go, Governor Bobby.  That’s three strikes:  you’re out!