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So Let’s Get This Straight

The United States Senate is debating the merits of a nominee to serve in the cabinet of the newly elected president but the senators debating those merits are forbidden from saying anything negative about that nominee because that nominee is one of their own – that is, a U.S. senator?

And the penalty for doing so is not only that the miscreant is required to sit down and shut up but also is not permitted to speak again for the rest of the debate?



That’s what happened on Tuesday when the Senate began debating the nomination of Jeff Sessions to serve as attorney general. Sessions was nominated to become a federal judge in 1986 but the Senate at the time rejected that idea, concluding that he was too much a racist to serve on the bench. Among those who opposed his nomination at the time was Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King. Ms. King wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time expressing her opposition to Sessions’ nomination and on Tuesday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren attempted to share that letter with her Senate colleagues.

And the Republicans in the Senate told her to be quiet and sit down like a good little girl.

Which left The Curmudgeon wondering whether this was the Senate or the Politburo.

And then, the next day, they let three MALE Democratic senators read the letter.

Whereupon The Curmudgeon knew it was neither the Senate nor the Politburo:  it’s the Catholic church.