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Paranoia at Fox News

The Curmudgeon was under the weather this past weekend, and when that happens, the first thing that goes is his concentration:  he finds it hard to read or write or do much of anything for more than a few minutes at a time.  Television is very useful at such times, and even more useful than the television itself is its remote control, which gives a user with a limited attention span an easy way to shift that attention with the single movement of his finger.

s-FAIR-BALANCED-largeSunday morning The Curmudgeon’s concentration was so weak that he wandered down to the far end of his cable channel range, where he landed briefly on Fox News.  Much to his surprise, they were talking about the recent announcement that Chelsea Clinton is with child.

And even more to his surprise, they were complaining that all of the attention this blessed event has received is proof – proof, they tell you! – of media bias toward the Clintons and against the political right because when George W. Bush was president and one of his daughters was pregnant it didn’t receive nearly as much attention.

If that’s not an example of paranoia run amok, The Curmudgeon doesn’t know what is.