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An Olympic Observation: Make-up

The fair and balanced folks at Fox News have a program called Sports Court, which is ostensibly a place where a host and guest experts discuss and debate issues involving sports and law. The Curmudgeon says “ostensibly” not because of his reservations about anything involving Fox News but because he spent several minutes on the site without finding a general description of what the program is really all about.

Anyhow, in an apparent digression from the intersection of sports and law, the program recently delved into sports and popular culture with a six-minute discussion about make-up worn, and make-up not worn, by female Olympic athletes. Joining host Tamara Holder were two “experts”:   Bo Dietl, a former New York City police detective, and radio personality Mark Simone. There was never any discussion about what expertise Dietl and Simone brought to the conversation – and never any sign of such expertise as the conversation unfolded.

In arguing for Olympic athletes to pay more attention to their appearance, Simone explained that

The whole point of the Olympics, the whole reason for this training, for this work to get there, is product endorsements.

And he said that with a straight face. Honest.

Not to be outdone, Dietl declared that

I think when you see an athlete, why should I have to look at some chick’s zits…? Why not a little blush on her lips and cover those zits. I like to see a person win that gold medal and go up there and look beautiful.

Because for Dietl, gymnastics – or swimming or diving or field hockey or basketball – is apparently little more than the talent portion of a beauty contest.

And Dietl had a similar observation about the program’s host:

Tamara, look how beautiful you are with that makeup,” the former detective exclaimed. “What do you look like when you crawl out of bed in the morning? I’d rather have you now, the way you look. You look beautiful, and I think it just enhances the beauty of that athlete.

"Ewwwww," she's thinking.

“Ewwwww,” she’s thinking.

The promotional photo for this episode of Sports Court features the three participants, with Dietl’s arm around Holder’s shoulder and a look on Holder’s face that suggested she was looking forward to taking a long, loooooooong shower.

Or maybe a flea dip.

View the entire conversation here – the best stuff is in the first minute, although there’s more, if you’re interested.

But don’t do it after eating because you may lose your lunch.