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Miley and Twerking

The Curmudgeon finds it difficult to understand all the fuss about Miley Cyrus and her “twerking” at the MTV Video Music Awards.

What’s the harm?  After all, these were the MTV Video Music Awards.

MTV, people.

Children shouldn’t be watching and grandparents wouldn’t be watching , so who’s left to be offended?  Why would anyone be shocked by anything they see on the MTV Video Music Awards? After all, it was twenty-nine years ago – 1984 – when Madonna performed “Like a Virgin” during the award show, writhing on the stage as if in the middle of, well, you know – vo-dee-oh-doe.  In fact, aren’t the MTV awards something people tune into specifically to be shocked, and hasn’t it become a go-to place for celebrities looking to shock people?

The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Curmudgeon’s hometown newspaper, polled its readers on Miley’s performance.  31.8 percent said her twerking was the most offensive aspect of her performance, the same proportion cited her use of her tongue as most offensive, and 16.1 percent cited her outfit.  Now how many of those people do you think actually SAW the program when it aired, as opposed to hearing about it from some self-righteous television or radio commentator after the fact and then seeking out a clip of the (allegedly) offensive performance?

Miley is twenty years old, and she’s clearly reached a point in her life where she wants to be viewed as a twenty-year-old woman, not a twenty-year-old girl.  What better place is there, when you think about it, to make a public declaration, complete with demonstration, that she’s grown-up Miley and no longer adorable little Hannah Montana?