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Our Friends, the Pharmaceutical Industry

Kaiser Health News, a daily newsletter The Curmudgeon reads for work, recently told the story of a woman with multiple sclerosis who finally had to give up her job because of her illness and who is now covered by Medicare and Medicaid. She is now taking a new drug called Ocrevus, sold by the pharmaceutical company Genentech.  She recently had her first two infusions of the drug and then received her bill.

For $123,000.

Her insurer paid $29,000 and she received a bill for $3600.

So hey, drug company, why does the drug cost so much?

Actually, it doesn’t, said Genentech’s company mouthpiece:

“We set the price of Ocrevus to reduce price as a barrier to treatment.” 

And that price, in this case, is $123,000.

One can only imagine how much they’d charge if they didn’t care so much about their patients.