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June News Quiz

  1. Mohammed Mursi, candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, recently was elected president of Egypt.  This means:  a) relations between Egypt and Israel will deteriorate; b) relations between Egypt and Israel will improve; c) relations between Egypt and the U.S. will deteriorate; or; d) relations between Egypt and the U.S. will improve because now both countries will have Muslim presidents?
  2. Carrefour, the French supermarket chain, has announced that it is abandoning its store in Greece.  This shows that:  a) the company wants to shift its resources to markets with greater profit potential; b) the economy in Greece is much worse than anyone realized; c) the company greatly overestimated the Greek appetite for croissants and stinky cheese; or d) when it comes to surrendering, the French are still number one?
  3. The 2012 Olympics that begin next month in London will:  a) be great; b) feature six different Kardashians as guest commentators  ­­– all of them in fact, except Bruce Jenner; c) include a new celebrity boxing competition; or d) they still have Olympics?
  4. President Obama’s announcement that he supports same-sex marriage was:  a) the right call at the right time; b) long overdue; c) a cynical ploy to get the gay vote, which until then seemed solid for Mitt Romney; or d) the next step before a very difficult conversation he plans to have with Michelle after the election?
  5. Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I’ll Have Another was withdrawn from the Belmont Stakes and lost its opportunity to win horse racing’s triple crown because:  a) it suffered an injury that could have been fatal and the horse’s owner didn’t want to jeopardize its life; b) it suffered an injury that was probably minor, but the horse’s owner didn’t want to take a chance; c) it suffered an injury that probably was minor, but the horse’s owner didn’t want to take a chance that aggravating the injury could jeopardize the millions in stud fees he stands to gain from a horse that won the Derby and the Preakness; or d) the horse overheard its owner explain to a friend what it means to be put out to stud, demanded that his groomer spend extra time brushing his mane and cleaning his teeth, and refused to run again?
  6. When asked how JP Morgan Chase could possibly lose $2 billion over such a short period of time, company CEO Jamie Dimon told a congressional committee that:  a) in the greater scheme of things, a $2 billion loss is nothing to get excited about; b) the company now takes greater risks because its executives know that if they get in too deep, the federal government will bail them out; c) we’re high achievers here at JP Morgan Chase, so the sky’s the limit; or d) whoops?
  7. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed that food establishments be prohibited from serving sugar-based soft drinks of more than sixteen ounces.  Bloomberg is proposing this because:  a) he thinks sugary drinks promote obesity; b) he’s run out of anything else worth doing in New York; c) he wanted to remind the rest of the country that he’s still around; or d) the 7-Eleven on his corner closed and if he can’t have easy access to a Big Gulp, no one else should, either?
  8. A new novel portrays Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter.  In the book, the only thing that can harm Lincoln is:  a) Buffy, the vampire slayer; b) Buffy St. Marie; c) Phoebe Buffay; or d) John Wilkes Booth, vampire hunter killer?
  9. Moody’s last week downgraded the credit ratings of fifteen major U.S. banks.  This means that:  a) those banks could fail; b) it will cost those banks more to borrow money; c) it will be more difficult to borrow money from those banks; or d) five years too late, Moody’s has finally noticed that there are problems in the U.S. banking industry?
  10. Published reports suggest that Ann Curry will be fired from her job as co-host of NBC’s Today show because the program’s ratings are down.  Such a drastic move is necessary because:  a) Today is one of NBC’s biggest moneymakers and any drop in ratings costs the company millions in ad revenue; b) viewers don’t like Ms. Curry; c) Ms. Curry isn’t very good at her job; or d) it’s never the male co-host’s fault?