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Selling Her Soul After Selling Her Ass

Last week we learned that there is yet another woman with whom then-still-newlywed Donald Trump had an affair and later paid for her silence. The woman is Karen McDougal, a former Playboy centerfold.

News of the affair and the payment became public through an article in the New Yorker, which explained that

McDougal, in her first on-the-record comments about A.M.I.’s handling of her story, declined to discuss the details of her relationship with Trump, for fear of violating the agreement she reached with the company. She did say, however, that she regretted signing the contract. “It took my rights away,” McDougal told me.

The Curmudgeon sees it a little differently.

No, Ms. McDougal, the agreement didn’t take your rights away. You sold those rights: you put a price on them and when someone met your price you agreed to sell your silence for a wad of cash.

But that’s something you’re accustomed to doing, Ms. McDougal, isn’t it? After all, you sold your ass to Hugh Hefner’s centerfold machine in 1997 and then sold it again and again and again, appearing there many times. Then, you had an affair with a man you knew was married and then when the affair was over you took money to keep quiet about it. The Curmudgeon doesn’t mean to minimize the distress you may feel today, nor does this mean he thinks Trump’s behavior is anything less than disgusting, but you’ve made a practice of selling bits and pieces of your body and your soul now for more than 20 years.

Live with yourself and don’t insult our intelligence by whining about anyone taking away your rights.