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Political Overkill

As attorney general of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane was probably overmatched almost from day one. She did numerous things that can best be described as stupid, but eventually she did things that can best be described as criminal and the law caught up to her: a jury recently found her guilty of nine criminal charges, including conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice. She resigned her office and will be sentenced, presumably to jail, this fall.

Five people have been elected attorney general since Pennsylvania began choosing this official at the polls and Kane is the second of those five to go to jail, go directly to jail, to not pass go, and to not collect $200.

Kane is alone, though, in being the only one of the five elected attorneys general in Pennsylvania to be a Democrat. Republicans were not pleased about this – not pleased at all – so when her shenanigans in office seemed to go too far, they initiated impeachment proceedings.

An entirely reasonable response to an entirely ridiculous situation.

And now that Kane has been convicted and is no longer attorney general?

Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives intend to continue impeachment proceedings.

Because apparently Pennsylvania is in such good shape that the Republicans running the state’s legislature have nothing better to do with their time than to impeach a former elected official who no longer holds office and most likely will soon be heading to jail.

It is a case of massive political overkill.