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The Westminster Dog Show

If you’ve turned on your television this week and done any channel-surfing at all there’s a decent chance you’ve at least run into the Westminster dog show. It’s so utterly ridiculous and you can’t help but wonder which is stranger: the people who train their dogs to participate, and who participate themselves, or the television executives who think this is something worth broadcasting.

dogsAnd maybe you also wonder: is there anything else like this – ever – on television?

And then you think.

Hmm: they take these ordinary animals, dress them up in ridiculous costumes, induce them to do things ordinary animals would never do on their own, and then film them doing those strange things they’d never do on their own.

And then it hits you: they DO televise something very similar to this.

It’s called Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Mini-Rumination: Slumming With the Kardashians

The latest dust-up over whether Khloe Kardashian is really Robert Kardashian’s daughter or is the product of mama Kris’s sexual infidelity is an interesting (and fun) one.

Remember how Khloe and sister Kourtney bullied prettier-sister Kim into getting an x-ray to prove conclusively that Kim’s legendary derriere was not the product of medical enhancement?  Considering the sisters’ demand for proof of authenticity, doesn’t it seem only fair, now that Khloe’s claim to the family name is in question, that she voluntarily submit to genetic testing to prove she’s a real Kardashian?  (As if, based on the way that family conducts itself, being a “real” Kardashian is something to be proud of.)