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Still on the Subject of TV Weather Forecasts…

Take a look at the photo below, which The Curmudgeon clipped from a magazine and scanned using his new, handy-dandy Brother DS mobile 600 scanner.

Any guesses for what the picture is advertising?

Maybe The Real Housewives of Philadelphia?

A new Bravo series about rich, gorgeous, women who’re spoiled silly, to join Bravo’s eight or nine other series featuring rich, gorgeous women who’re spoiled silly?

An ad for a strip joint?

Or a Nevada brothel?

Okay, time’s up, and your guesses were all wrong.

This photo features the weather forecasters for Action News, the local ABC affiliate in Philadelphia.

And what do you think the folks at Action News are selling by employing these three highly distinguished meteorologists, dressing and posing them in this manner, and then plastering them on the inside cover of a prominent local magazine?

Yes, that’s right.  Good for you.weather girls 1



Fifty-five years old, probably forty-five of them watching weather reports on television, and last week The Curmudgeon heard for the very first time the word “derecho” used in a forecast.

As The Curmudgeon has written in the past, the television weather people will do anything they can to try to scare us into watching their broadcasts.  The latest is introducing a new word that seems to have been used for the sole purpose of creating alarm.

Anything to try scare us into watching those clowns.