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Bravo, Mr. Schumer

Last weekend Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer proposed renaming a building that houses congressional offices after the late Senator John McCain.

The Curmudgeon thinks this is a great idea, for four reasons.

First, while he doesn’t share the degree of enthusiasm many people express for McCain’s Senate career, The Curmudgeon is clearly in the minority on this matter.  People seem to have great respect for McCain: for his experience in Vietnam, for his work as a senator, for the manner in which he conducted himself as a presidential candidate, and for the independence he continued to show all the way to the very end of his Senate career (and life).

Second, The Curmudgeon loves the idea that Schumer, a Democrat, is proposing renaming a building after a Republican.  The cherry on top:  the man whose name McCain’s would replace on that building was one of Schumer’s fellow Democrats.

Third, it’s about time that Congress scrubbed Richard Russell’s name off one of its buildings.  For much of his 40 years in the Senate, Russell was one of the biggest obstacles, if not the biggest, to passing civil rights legislation.  He was an old-fashioned southern segregationist.

And fourth, renaming a building after John McCain would really stick it to Donald Trump.  Even in the wake of McCain’s death, Trump could not find even a single positive word to say about McCain and reportedly vetoed a proposal from his staff to issue an official statement, saying he’d rather address it via Twitter – which he did without grace or kindness or compassion of any kind.    He did it so poorly that by popular demand he had to try again – and did it not even the slightest bit better. Trump is the walking personification of the word “boor,” and renaming the building after McCain would put him in his place.  Not that he’ll understand that.

Well done, Chuck Schumer!