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A Great Line

“There she is…”

You may recall that there was a good deal of controversy swirling about the Miss America beauty pageant, er, scholarship contest this year.  Some people complained about the elimination of the swimsuit competition, many thought the new Miss America board of directors was acting sort of high-handed, a past Miss America complained that she had been bullied by the board, and some of the state-level pageants, er, scholarship contest organizations staged a brief insurrection.

Well, the contest is over now and the Miss America board was apparently taking names and ready to penalize the insurrectionists, and the Associated Press found a great way to launch into an explanation of the latest doings:

The other heel has dropped at the Miss America Organization, which had endured a revolt by dozens of states this summer against the national leadership of the pageant headed by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson.

Is that a great line or what?